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What do interviewers and candidates really think about BD Interviews?
In a case study of 136 interviewers and 107 candidates, both interviewers and candidates found the BD Interview to be more thorough, accurate and fair, although more challenging, than the traditional interview.  Learn more.

How can I shape an effective corporate culture?
Using a measurement tool known as the Corporate Culture survey and taking specific action steps, managers and executives can create an environment where organizational members will want to do what needs to be done.  Learn more.

In terms of burnout and corporate culture satisfaction, how do Chinese and North American workers compare?
The average Chinese worker faces burnout more often than their North American counterpart. There is also a greater discrepancy in what the average Chinese worker has and what he wants in terms of a work environment.  Learn more.

Does organizational culture affect employee burnout?
There is a definite negative relationship between burnout and culture from both individual and department-level perspectives. At the department level, researchers found a strong negative relationship between shared values and the percentage of workers in the advanced stages of burnout.  Learn more.

Can culture be effectively measured?
The findings of this study demonstrate that the 24-item Corporate Culture Survey is an effective culture measurement tool. The Survey reliably measures three scales that correspond to three methods of performance motivation: regulation, power and shared values.  Learn more.

How much money can I save by using behavior-based interviews?
Depending on your current hiring methods, behavior-based interviews can save you thousands or even millions of dollars. One example in this study found that a hospital that anticipated hiring about 490 staff nurses over a three-year period could easily save in excess of $3 million.  Learn more.

How do Behavior Description Interviews compare with traditional unstructured interviews?
In his initial breakthrough study, Dr. Tom Janz demonstrates how Behavior Description Interviewing is a more valid and reliable hiring method than the unstructured interview.  Learn more.

Can Dr. Janz's initial findings be confirmed?
Christopher Orpen carried out a different study on the value of Behavior Description Interviewing. This study, while clearing out some of the ambiguity found in Janz's earlier study, confirms that Behavior Description Interviewing is more accurate in predicting future job performance than traditional interviews.  Learn more.

What are the practical implications of recent meta-analytic studies?
Recent studies have shown that carefully structured interviews can outperform alternative predictors of job performance and that questions probing past behavior predict future performance accurately.  Learn more.

Can I easily calculate the costs of my future hiring decisions?
Those making hiring decisions can predict the net benefits and return on investment of their decisions using a product developed by Dr. Janz. Two case studies outline how this product works.  Learn more.

Does interview format and structure affect interview validity?
This meta-analytic study found that the interview is generally a good selection instrument and that structured interviews produce higher validities than unstructured interviews. The interviews with high validities also proved to be more reliable.  Learn more.